Australian Middleweight champion Wes Capper is back in action this weekend, fresh from his first ever training camp under the watchful guidance of top Australian coach Billy Hussein.

Capper (17-2) will face Japanese fighter Daichi Yoshikawa (8-5) in what will be the next step in Capper’s progression towards further top level match ups both in Australia and overseas.

Hussein, arguably Australia’s top boxing trainer, has been delighted in what he has seen so far in the short time he has been training Capper.

“I’ve trained a lot of experienced boxers in my time and Wes is one of those who is really easy to train. He has a great work ethic”, said Hussein.

“The most important thing in our first training camp together was to learn about each other, communicate and get to know what makes each other tick.”

Hussein believes his new charge can go on to bigger and better things, even looking to the world level.

“Wes has definitely got the pedigree, he’s already established himself as a good fighter, he’s already dangerous and I’m sure he can get even better”.

“He is more than capable fighting at world level, and that’s what we are aiming for. I wouldn’t have taken him on if I didn’t think he could do it, he’s already got the motivation and confidence to achieve big things”, said Hussein.

“We need to take small steps, have the right team in place, choose the right opponents with the right styles and the potential is there in the junior middleweight category. I think he’s a top ten in the world fighter.”

Hussein also believes that Capper has the boxing smarts required to take him to the top, comparing him in style to one of the Australian greats.

“Wes is a student of the sport, and that is a big thing. I’m a believer in having the right boxing IQ, being able to read a fight and use your boxing brain, Wes has it but he’s getting even better in this environment.”

“Wes’ style reminds me so much of Danny Green, there are many similarities between the two. Both have an amazing work ethic, a great sense of humour and stylistically are very close”.

An excited Capper was full of praise after his training camp with Hussein, with the fundamental belief that both are on the same wavelength.

“The camp was an awesome experience and even though its early days, I’m very happy with where I’m going technically and with my mindset”, said Capper.

“Billy is all about boxing IQ, treating a fight like a chess match, he doesn’t doubt I can fight but he wants me to be smarter in the ring”.

There is no doubt that Capper feels he has improved under the guidance of Hussein, with attention to detail a key aspect.

“Billy has made me work on my defence, its been hard as I generally have an elusive style, but his attention to detail has been a real challenge for me, if its not done right we do it again.”

“To say it was our first camp together it was very exciting, the more time we spend together, the better I will get.”

“There is no doubt that he’s one of the best coaches in the country and for someone of his calibre to want to invest their time and effort into me makes me feel pretty good both mentally and emotionally.”

CDL Boxing promoter Ty Colman believes the partnership between Capper and Hussein could lead to fights on the world stage.

“Its great to have Wes on our Western Alliance 21 show, but I think he’ll soon be moving onwards and upwards to some big big fights on a global level.”

“For someone of Billy Hussein’s standing in the Australian boxing industry to take him on, shows that there is great belief in his ability, that must be a great feeling for both Wes and his team.”

“All that matters to us at CDL is that Wes keeps building and growing, becoming the best fighter he can be and achieving his career goals, his dedication thoroughly deserves that.”

You can catch Wes “The Decappertator” Capper in action at Western Alliance 21 on Saturday, July 8, at the WA Italian Club in Perth.